The Travelling Spanish School offers a complete Spanish language instruction of 3 levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) in only 1.5 to two years. Our teaching material is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is structured so that students may, if they choose, take the DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) The Spanish Travelling School is open to all students' suggestions and requests. We're always flexible and dates and times can be tailored around the schedules of our students. Our prices include registration fee and learning material. All learning material is real, practical and current. It has been created by The Travelling School's expert instructors to teach you exactly what you need. There is no wasting time on irrelevant material. Our students' testimonials speak for themselves about the quality and experience of our classes and teachers.

The Travelling Spanish School

Centro de enseñanza práctica del idioma español.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, this is the place.
Learn fast. Learn smart. In half the time as other schools.

What Does The Travelling Spanish School Offer?

  • A systematic step-by-step program
  • Real, practical and current learning material
  • A faster program. Less time to learn Spanish. (3 levels in only 1.5 years)
  • More dates and schedules available.
  • 1 and 2 month courses.
  • A limited number of students
  • Courses designed to specific student’s needs and abilities.
  • Complete class time (1 hour of class is 1 hour of instruction). Your time is money.
  • Flexibility
  • Tailored courses
  • Cultural and social activities (visit museums, special city tours)
  • We offer classes in your home or office with a minimum of two students enrolled.
Our mission is that our students learn Spanish in an easy, structured way in a focused environment, and at the same time make a difference in their lives. No one who comes to you should leave without being a better and happier person” Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
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